Saturday, April 29, 2023

Blog Launch

greetings. Updates on all further Kayemes screenings will now be on this blog. All our previous screenings have been documented and chronologized here. Our main gallery website is . This blog will be continually updated announcing every screening (and other events at the gallery). 

Rabudo Gan, guest curated by Drew @compactdisc96


On April 3rd 2023 Kayemes featured another guest-curator, Drew, who screened Rabudo Gan ("Loved Gun") a dreamy japanese Thriller/Drama from 2004. Drew is a savant of a highly aestheticized glut of rare cinema from the late 90s-mid 2000s in japan. All About Lily Chou-Chou is one of the most famous examples, however the period is much more complex, and varied, as this screening helped unearthed. Pics below 

A Program of Films by S. Paul


The First guest-curated screening at Kayemes was hosted by S. Paul (@gnostic_samsara) who programmed a series of shorts: 

Einschlafgeschichten (Eisenbahn) / Bedtime stories (Railways) (1977). Dir. Harun Farocki. 3


Arabesque for Kenneth Anger (1958-61). Dir. Marie Menken. 5 min.

Le Bijou Indiscret (2008). Dir. Arielle Dombasle. 19 min.

Here rn (2023). Dir. S. Paul. 25 min.

The Cardi B & Offset Meal. Dir. Andrew Garcia & Camelo Varela. 1 min.

Twilight City (1989). Dir. Reece Auguiste. 52 min.

Einschlafgeschichten (Schiff) / Bedtime stories (Ships) (1977). Dir. Harun Farocki. 3 min.

Total Length: 108 min.

Pics from the screenings below 

Choose Me


Choose Me by Alan Rudolph was the second screening at Kayemes, on February 13th, 2023. The movie is a highly stylized tale about love and the way it intertwines people, with a very successful neo-noir vibe and a blues soundtrack with lots of bisexual lighting before that was a thing. Nick Pinkerton describes it very aptly below: 

the movie is very good, and for a while was hard to find streaming online. It was a very successful and fun event, very appropriate for valentines day. More images below 


Kind Hearts and Coronets


on 12/12/22 Kayemes had a screening of Robert Hamer's dark comedy Kind Hearts and Coronets. it was a great movie with lots of fun hats and weirdly twee murders and was the inaugural kayemes screening. An oldie from 1949. Images of the poster is attached as well as some pics from the event. :)